Miles and Lyle Thompson are featured in a new Nike Ad.

Video: Thompson Brothers Featured in Nike's 'Short a Guy' Ad


The Thompson brothers have teamed up once again.

Attackmen Miles and Lyle Thompson, who both play lacrosse for the Florida Launch, are featured in Nike’s “Short a guy” ad, which can be seen below. The ad is about a young man who becomes inspired to play sports by some of the greatest players in the game. They insist that they are short a guy, and pull him into play for their team.

The 2014 co-Tewaaraton award winners  -- Lyle is a two-time Tewaaraton award winner, taking home the honor for the second year in a row this year -- meet the ad’s main character after he plays a quick game of volleyball with Misty May-Treanor. The brothers pull the young man in to a lacrosse game with them.

The ad also features soccer star Mia Hamm, Angels pitcher Garrett Richards, and centerfielder Mike Trout, quarterback Andrew Luck, and basketball standout Anthony Davis.

The Thompson brothers are N7 Ambassadors for the shoe company.

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