You Are Probably on the Rez; 3 Ways to Tell

Vincent Schilling

Indian country itself is a land of rezzes. There are big ones, little ones and even rezzes that border-wise, look a bit like checkerboards. But this is just geography. What else signifies that we as Native people, or anyone for that matter – is actually on reservation land?

We are going to be putting out our feelers on this one because we at ICTMN KNOW our readers will have some good ones as far as just ways to tell … You Know You Are Probably On the Rez When.

SUBMIT YOUR OWN: Have a great way to tell … You Know You Are Probably On the Rez When?

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When you want to date your girlfriend and have to deal with her grandmother, not her dad

Yep – good one Dee Landeis – you called it right. We also noticed you said girlfriend, which probably means you have been dating your girlfriend for a while and you STILL have to check with her Grannie. And chances are good Grannie may not speak English, so you’d better brush up on your Native language dating questions!

Every Block has its own Rez Dogs on guard

Yes, we all know these areas, filled with unleashed dogs guarding their turf. Just watch out for that ONE rez dog. Cujo is afraid of that Rez Dog. You know which one we’re talking about – the one that chases and eats bears.

There are horses in every other yard

Ok Robin, good one. And you can also tell the yards that have horses in them – or goats for that matter. They are the ones that don’t need their grass cut.

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