Save the Innocent Bumblebee

Carly McIntosh

Looking through the eyes of the bumblebee, a place he would adore would be the International Peace Gardens. Flying towards the amount of flowers placed in front of him it would make it seem as if he was in paradise having all his favourite flowers to gather his pollen from. The bumblebee would be working to gather pollen for the queen bee of the hive. The bumblebees work as a team, and they work together to keep their colony in order. The queen bee is to find where she thinks is the safest place for her colony. Some nests are found in thick grass, bird houses, lofts and in trees. The nesting of bumblebees soon transfers into a pollen basket.

In native teachings the bumblebee leaves clues on whether the season of winter will be troubled with lots of snow or less snow just by where the bumblebee chooses to build its nest. When the bumblebee build their nest high above ground it means that a great amount of snow is to come for the winter. A bumblebee nest built lower to ground means the winter will have a less amount of snow for the season. Last year it was noticed the hives of the bumblebee were built close to ground, and for the winter the amount of snow was less.

A nest of bumblebees may contain up to four hundred bees, where a nest of honeybees contains up to fifty-thousand bees. As you can see the bumblebee has a greater chance of going instinct if nothing is to change.

When the air is free of pesticides and herbicides the bumblebees have the time of their life just by flying flower to flower.

When you see a bumblebee flying near or close to you it is symbolizing the power of love. The natural colors of the bumblebee share the colors of yellow and black. Yellow is the meaning of innocence, love and trust, while black represents responsibility and contributing to the family.

I have recently heard that people in the east believe that the bumblebee is becoming sick because of the high temperatures and that is not true at all. Out of all the types of insects the bumblebee is one of the few insects that can control its own body temperature. The heat is not what is putting the bumblebee's life in danger, it is all the chemicals made by mankind. When a bumblebee travels through contaminated air full of pesticide the chemicals drain his body, and he does not live on. A pesticide is made to kill insects, and the bumblebee is a insect. Even when herbicide is sprayed to keep weeds out of your garden, they are still surrounded by contaminated air. For a human to even breath in herbicide or pesticide, you are putting your own health at risk. Breathing in pesticides or herbicides can cause so many symptoms of illness such as shaking, nausea, seizures etc.

If man-made chemicals can hurt us, then of course it can kill an insect. The strength of a human compared to a small insect is far more greater. A equal statement of the bumblebee breathing in man-made chemicals would be man sticking arsenic in their blood.

We must stop using chemicals made by mankind, we have to go back to the way life was before. The way we are using chemicals is decreasing the amount of natural wildlife we have been given by Mother Earth. Animals are going extinct, because of the toxins in the air. If we do not stop using chemicals made by man we will lose all gifted creatures and cancers will grow stronger.

Carly McIntosh was born and raised in Manitoba, Canada and now resides in Calgary, Alberta. She recently found her ancestry. Her goal is to pursue a future with writing and hopes to open some closed eyes and minds.

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