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Correspondent Vincent Schilling asks Native American youth what they would ask President Barack Obama given the opportunity.

VIDEO: Dear Mr. President—Native Youth Ask the Tough Questions

Vincent Schilling

On Thursday, July 9, Michelle Obama spoke at the nation’s first White House Tribal Youth Gathering. The event was part of the Obama Administration’s Generation Indigenous (Gen-I) initiative “to remove barriers standing between Native youth and opportunities to succeed.”

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The gathering, which was a tremendous success, hosted more than 1,000 young people representing 230 tribes from 42 states. The event provided opportunities for Native youth to interact directly with senior Administration officials and the White House Council on Native American Affairs.

After Michelle Obama spoke and left the Native youth to ponder their next steps, we asked several of them what they would say to or ask of President Barack Obama. The responses varied from warm greetings to poignant questions.

Check out the responses below as Native youth ask, “Dear Mr. President…”

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