Lapwai Valley on the Nez Perce Indian Reservation

Are We On the Rez Yet? Three Ways to Tell

Vincent Schilling

Indian country itself is a land of rezzes. There are big ones, little ones and even rezzes that border-wise, look a bit like checkerboards. But this is just geography. What else signifies that we as Native people, or anyone for that matter – is actually on reservation land?

We are going to be putting out our feelers on this one because we at ICTMN KNOW our readers will have some good ones as far as just ways to tell … You know you are probably on the rez when.

SUBMIT YOUR OWN: Have a great way to tell … You know you are probably on the rez when? Tweet to correspondent Vincent Schilling at and use the hashtag #OnTheRezWhen. You can also email him at [email protected].

You sew your buttons back on with beading thread

You have probably been in this situation and needed to sew a button back on a shirt or something. Besides, the beading needle is already threaded. Makes sense, right? Michelle B. from Connecticut sent us an email with this classic.

Your parents tell you you’re going to Disneyland for your birthday & they turn on the TV to watch Mickey Mouse

Ouch, @GlidesAbove on Twitter set us this #OntheRezWhen reality check. Don’t worry kids, we all share something in common with those Superbowl winners; they probably don’t really go to Disneyland either.

You pull up in your 1997 Camry with Pennsylvania license plates and you’re told to make sure you’re off of the rez before it gets dark.

Ok, according to an email by Fred Whitehawk this statement was “Told to me when my wife and I visited the BIA Office on Rosebud in June 2012.” Alright Fred, this could mean many things, the Rosebud Sioux folks do not like 1997 Camry’s, They don’t like Pennsylvanian’s – or…well, there is no really telling, we just hope you listened.


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