Designer Bethany Yellowtail posted this image contrasting an archival photo of American Indians with her own work (on Native models!) with the hashtag #stillhere. Source:

Bethany Yellowtail to Compete in Martha Stewart Contest. Mark It Down!


Designer Bethany Yellowtail and her b.Yellowtail creations will compete in the annual Martha Stewart American Made competition. She's already set up her contest entry page here:

From all the entries submitted, a panel of judges will narrow the field to 500 finalists, in various categories. Out of those finalists, the judges will then select the winners.

Additionally, the contest will name one more winner: the "Audience Choice," determined by online voting.

The contest is currently in the entry period, which closes August 31. Judges have already selected a handful of finalists, but the vast majority of the 500 slots are still open. Judges will have their complete list of finalists by September 14. The Audience Choice voting period begins September 21 and runs through October 19.

The winner of the Martha Stewart American Made Audience Choice competition will receive a $10,000 cash prize, a trip for two to New York City to meet Martha Stewart, and a chance to be featured on Stewart's website and in its online store.

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