Source: Facebook
The USS Valiant (NCC-1707) prepares to go to warp. Rendered by director Brady Foster. Source: Facebook

Native? Okie? Trekkie? Starship Valiant Wants You!


Here's an interesting one for Native Americans in Oklahoma (of which there are a few) who happen to be Star Trek fans.

ICTMN was contacted by a friend of the Star Trek fan-fiction web series Starship Valiant regarding a casting call posted to Facebook. The filmmakers are looking for a Native American male age 30-40 to join up with the USS Valiant (NCC-1707) for their next episode. Production is based in Oklahoma City.

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Starship Valiant takes place after the third season of the original (William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy etc.) series.

Like any fan project, Starship Valiant is a labor of love; this one has also gotten a bit of help from a GoFundMe campaign. Here's a 20-minute "Introduction Vignette" from the project's YouTube channel:

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