Courtesy Melbourne Aerial Video/Adam Lancaster/YouTube
We're what's for dinner: Australia's largest raptor takes out an airborne camera with one thwack of a talon as camera films its own downfall.

Eagle 1, Drone 0: Australian Raptor Knocks Pesky Flying Camera From Sky


Note to self: “If you see a bird of prey while flying. Land. I have added this to my operating procedure.”

So wrote the poster of this video, who watched helplessly from the ground as an eagle took out his airborne camera drone.

“She was massive, and used talons to 'punch' the drone out of the sky,” wrote Adam Lancaster, who runs Melbourne Aerial Video. “Hung around overhead, so I got a really good look.”

With a wingspan of nearly seven feet and talons to match, this wedge-tailed eagle thwacked the drone and sent it tumbling. It only took 15 seconds. And all of it was caught on camera. 

Also known as an eagle hawk, the wedge-tailed eagle is the biggest raptor in Australia, according to the Australia Zoo. They can grow to almost nine feet wingspan.

This is not the first instance of animals seizing cameras. Last November a squirrel grabbed a GoPro camera, took it up a tree and dropped it. And a year ago a marmot skittered up to a Greenpeace camera, mistook it for a snack, and snatched it.

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Lancaster, noting that the bird suffered no ill effects, had advice for other drone operators.

“Do not fly drones near birds of prey, they clearly attack seeing you as a threat or the right-sized dinner,” he said on his posting at YouTube. “This will cost you money and potentially harm to the bird. This one was fine. The drone needed some attention before it could fly again.”

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