Marilyn Manson in character on the set of 'Let Me Make You a Martyr.' Source:

Movie Trailer Shows Marilyn Manson as American Indian Hitman; Rocker Claims 'Sioux' Heritage


Shock rocker Marilyn Manson portrays a Native American hitman in an upcoming film, and in an interview posted to Rolling Stone he says that he is part Native.

"I am part Indian," he told Rolling Stone. The article goes on to state that "Manson's heritage is Sioux on his mother's side – 'her family was from the Appalachian Mountains, West Virginia' – but other than taking part in a Native American–run program akin to Boy Scouts, that side of his family was not heavy on his upbringing."

In the film, Let Me Make You a Martyr, Manson plays a man named Pope, who is hired by "all-around scumbag" Larry Glass (played by Mark Boone Junior) to kill his son.

Manson told Rolling Stone that he did not know Pope was Native American before he took the role, as the script never mentioned that detail of his character. Here's the trailer:


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