The Hot List, Part V: Heartthrobs and Tough Guys [25 Photos]


We're back with another quintet of Indigenous hunks for your enjoyment. Yes, they're accomplished actors (and model-actors), but they're also extremely easy on the eyes. This is our fifth installment of The Hot List; once you're done here you may want to check out the men and women we've profiled previously.

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Zahn McClarnon

McClarnon has played two very different supporting characters on the two recent TV dramas that have most prominently featured Native storylines: The Red Road and Longmire. On the former, he was a loose cannon who got what was coming to him; on the latter he is Officer Mathias of the Tribal police. McClarnon, Standing Rock Sioux, is now in Mekko, a film directed by Sterlin Harjo that you will be hearing more and more about. Sonny Skyhawk, reviewing Mekko on Facebook, remarked thatMcClarnon "is the Native acting version of James Dean, and gets better with every film he is in."

Zahn McClarnon in 'Mekko'


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