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Fort Hall Indian Reservation

Are We On the Rez Yet? Three More Ways to Tell

Vincent Schilling

As we have continued to say – Indian country itself is a land of rezzes. There are big ones, little ones and even rezzes that border-wise, look a bit like checkerboards. But this is just geography. What else signifies that we as Native people, or anyone for that matter – is actually on reservation land?

We are going to continue to be putting out our feelers on this one because we at ICTMN know our readers will have some good ones as far as just ways to tell … You know you are probably on the rez when.

SUBMIT YOUR OWN: Have a great way to tell … Tweet correspondent Vincent Schilling and use the hashtag #OnTheRezWhen. You can also email him at [email protected].

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You Ever Got a Three Dollar Check

Thanks to Dave White on Google for this Gem. You know what we’re talking about, Uncle Danny said he would pay you back Thursday for the money he owes you for Gas. As a matter of fact, here’s a check. Yeah it’s three bucks, just don’t cash it until Friday.

Three or Four Big Indian Dudes ask Just Who the Heck You are

This is if you happen to be visiting a Rez and the community doesn’t know you. If you ever find yourself suddenly surrounded and three or four big dudes are asking you questions… you are probably on the Rez.

If you are with a friend from a Rez you are visiting – you stick to them like Crazy Glue

Ok, you are visiting a Rez that your friend is from. To avoid any hairy eyes or scary questions, you stick to your friend like they are attached to you at the hip. If anyone even walks close, you might find yourself telling the person walking by … I KNOW THEM, its ok!! 

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