The Week That Was: The Big Stories in Indian Country, August 23, 2015


It's our recap of the stories that mattered most in Indian country:

MORE TO THE STORY: The co-director of Let Me Make You a Martyr spoke with ICTMN about his film, in which shock-rocker Marilyn Manson supposedly plays a hitman who is reportedly Native American, John Swab says that Rolling Stone's report was misleading.

LOOTED: Though authorities aren’t giving specific locations, five historically and culturally significant sites in San Diego County’s backcountry have been looted recently.

MISSING: The city of Sitka, home of a few thousand Native Alaskans, has declared a state of emergency after three people went missing in the wake of landslides and a sinkhole caused by heavy rains.

BALLET FOR HIS HOLINESS: Pope Francis is scheduled to attend a performance by the Osage Ballet during his visit to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania next month.

TRANSLATED: Scholars translated the Mexican Constitution into Mayan recently and the new document will help the country’s large Mayan population understand their rights better and hopefully avoid more tragedies, according to advocates.

BAD WATER: Navajo President Russell Begaye has ordered police to confiscate large tanks full of water delivered to the reservation for farmers and ranchers to use for crops and livestock. Some residents said the water was oily and had a petroleum smell to it.

WILDFIRES: The Colville and Warm Springs Indian reservations, as well as the Yakama Nation, are all battling vicious wildfires sweeping across hundreds of square miles of the Northwest.


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