Photo: Daniel Nadelbach. Source:
Carol Emarthle-Douglas' 'Cultural Burdens.' Photo: Daniel Nadelbach. Source:

Basket Honoring Mothers Takes Best of Show at Santa Fe Indian Market


"Cultural Burdens," a unique basket adorned with miniature baskets by Carol Emarthle-Douglas, Northern Arapaho/Seminole, won Best of Show at the 2015 Santa Fe Indian Market.

The piece is a tribute to mothers, who carry the burdens of culture as well as literal burdens held in baskets. The design on the basket depicts 22 women, representing various Tribes and Nations, each of them carrying a small basket of her own. The smaller baskets also represent different styles of basket-weaving -- “every technique of basketry there is,” she told the Santa Fe New Mexican. On the SWAIA Facebook page, the piece is described as composed of "coiled, twined and plaited weave, with a variety of tree splints, silk thread, sinew, pine- needles, wood, pewter beads, and deer hide."

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Bobbi Zahra
Submitted by Bobbi Zahra on
This is absolutely gorgeous... one of the most beautifully crafted baskets I've ever seen. Easy to see how it earned Best of Show!