Indian Country Today Premieres ‘50 Faces of Indian Country’


Indian Country Today Media Network has published its “50 Faces of Indian Country 2015” magazine, a first-ever celebration of the diversity and power of Native stars, athletes and leaders. Yankee all-star Jacoby Ellsbury, Presidential Medal of Freedom honoree Suzan Harjo, actor Jason Momoa and WNBA icon Shoni Schimmel are just a few of the best and brightest lights gathered in the pages of a special print edition of This Week From Indian Country Today, and online in a series of profiles at

The “50 Faces” project raises the exposure level of accomplished and visionary Indians while challenging perceptions fostered by misguided assumptions, stereotypes and mascots. Members of Congress, leaders of nations, activists, actors, artists, and athletes are included in a collective show of identity and Native pride that has been too often overlooked—until now.

The future has influenced the selection and showcasing of these individuals as much as the present. “Simply put, our young people deserve to learn about the individual and collective achievements of Natives presented in a visual, dramatic way,” says ICTMN Publisher and Oneida Nation Representative Ray Halbritter. “Indian kids need to see people like themselves and role models that they can aspire to be—lawyers, doctors, artists, business leaders, models and musicians. Indian strength and beauty has for too long been disregarded or shunned. By honoring these worthy luminaries, we hope to celebrate our audience, and inspire the future stars of 50 Faces as well.”

The “50 Faces of Indian Country” special print edition will be distributed at the Santa Fe Indian Market and other select events. Photos and profiles of the “50 Faces” will be rolled out over the weeks to follow at For the digital version, go here.

The 2015 50 Faces of Indian Country

Deborah Parker

Derek Miller

Notah Begay

Kawennàhere Devery Jacobs

Derek Valdo

Buffy St. Marie

Terry Rambler

Gary Davis

Bethany Yellowtail

Tony Duncan

Karlene Hunter

Suzan Shown Harjo

Cheryl Crazy Bull

Charles Vig

Winona LaDuke

Sean Sherman

Kevin Washburn

Tatanka Means

Patricia Michaels

Lyle Thompson

Oren Lyons

William Lettig

Tom Cole

Jacoby Ellsbury

Northern Cree

Louie Gong

Verene Martin

Tracy Stanhoff

Adam Beach

Q’Orianka Kilcher

Ashley Callingbull

Jason Momoa

Amanda Blackhorse

Lynn Valbuena

Gil Birmingham

Frank Waln

Stacey Thunder

Ray Halbritter

Ben Nighthorse Campbell

Irene Bedard

Ricky Fowler

Sam Deloria

Shoni Schimmel

Renae Yellowhorse

Diane Humetewa

Kassidy Dennison

Wab Kinew

Inez Jasper

Steven Paul Judd

A Tribe Called Red

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bullbear's picture
Submitted by bullbear on
Congratulations on this inspirational publication. I give it a B. My feeling is that the publication should stand on its own merit and not be an advertising piece for businesses. Where is Commander John Herrington? Dr. Geoge Bluespruce? Evan Adam, M.D.? Sonny Sixkiller? Where is our rodeo professional who are on their way to the National Finals Rodeo? Native Americans have achieved the highest accolades in the medical and science fields and need greater representation with an acknowledgement of their institution of higher learning and degrees earned. I think we would want to tell the readership, particularly younger generations, that a firm educational foundation is within their grasp as exhibited by those who are making great strides in their educational fields. This is not to take away from all the incredible talent listed, but perhaps we should add a polish to that facet which is based upon education, sacrifice and regimented training. Thanks again to everyone who had a hand in bringing this publication together!