Ashley Burnham (Callingbull) preps for her pre-pageant photo shoot. Source:

Go Ashley Callingbull! Cree Beauty Reps Canada and Indian Country in Belarus


Right now, halfway around the world from her Enoch Cree Nation homelands, international pageant veteran Ashley Callingbull is representing Canada in the Mrs. Universe competition, a pageant in which all contestants are married women.

Did you not hear the news? Ashley Callingbull got married. Sorry fellas. You can call her Mrs. Burnham now.

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Mrs. Universe 2015 is being held in Minsk, Belarus. The event's formal description is as follows: The forum for most responsible married woman MRS Universe 2015 will be held in Minsk, Belarus with topic "Domestic violence and reflection over children."

As a veteran pageant participant who rated highly in Miss Universe Canada and Miss World Canada competitions, Callingbull is undoubtedly one of the favorites among the delegates convened in Minsk. She's tracking her progress on Instagram and Facebook -- so stop by and show your support by liking or sharing her photos! Here are some snapshots from her journey so far:

An official pageant photo.

Another official swimsuit photo for Mrs. Universe 2015.

Callingbull: 'Yesterday was the national outfit parade for all the delegates. I wore a custom Canadian Jingle dress & beadwork that showcased my culture. Made by my friend Dabney Warren. #GoCanada'

Callingbull: 'Talent Night at MRS Universe 2015 wearing Lyn Kay Designs.'

A few images from the Mrs. Universe Facebook page:

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A'ho Ashley. You represent our ancestors proudly. Good luck!!!