The winner receives her crown. Source:

Ashley Callingbull, Cree Model and Actress, Is Your New Mrs. Universe!


She went to Belarus, she saw, and she conquered.

As we told you on Friday, Ashley Callingbull -- married Name Ashley Burnham -- was in Minsk, Belarus, competing in the 2015 Mrs. Universe pageant. The Mrs. Universe competition (as opposed to Miss Universe) is only open to married contestants. And as we also told you, Callingbull had a very good shot at winning.

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And she won. The model/actress/advocate who can be seen on the APTN series Blackstone was quick to hail her good fortune as a victory for Turtle Island's Indigenous people.

"Representing First Nations on the international stage was the best feeling in the world," she wrote on Facebook. "I'm so proud to be MRS Universe 2015."

A media frenzy has ensued. Callingbull reported on Sunday that she had already done 15 interviews since returning to Toronto. Here's one from CBC:

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Sharnya's picture
Submitted by Sharnya on
I had a "feeling" she'd win! :D I was pulling for either Her or the first knowing multi-ethnic(african) with Miss Japan.

Michael Madrid's picture
Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
I read her quotes on Instagram and am pleased that we have a beautiful, young, Native woman who is also intelligent and intent on using her platform to bring Native issues to light.