Photo courtesy Jordan Brien
A scene from the music video for #DearNativeYouth, a song by Ojibwe hip hop artist Mic Jordan.

Ojibwe Hip-Hop Artist Mic Jordan's Music Video Focuses on Native Youth

Chelsey Luger

We’ve all seen the #DearNativeYouth social media movement play out on Twitter. It’s a beautiful thing – indigenous voices uniting on a common theme of building hope and showing appreciation for our younger brothers and sisters.

Today, Ojibwe hip-hop artist Mic Jordan (aka Jordan Brien) from the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa takes the movement beyond social media by premiering his eponymous music video for the song, “#DearNativeYouth.”

The music video for “#DearNativeYouth,” produced by Tito Vegas and directed by Totem Entertainment, was shot in an abandoned house in rural Minnesota. It is a visual and musical interpretation of the movement, inspiring hope and sending a message of love to all young Natives out there who may be struggling.

As with all of Mic Jordan’s music, he is trying to spread positivity and encouragement. In the song, he talks about his own struggle growing up on his rez, and how he got through it. You can find this track and more on “The Last Stand Mixtape,” to be released soon.

Mic Jordan (along with Tanaya Winder, Frank Waln, and Tall Paul) was also involved in the recent Dream Warriors scholarship fund, in which they awarded monetary support to a Native students in the arts. It’s all about making the #DearNativeYouth movement a reality.

Subscribe to Mic Jordan on YouTube and watch the video below: 


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