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Indian Country Today sat down with Gary Farmer of Gary Farmer and the Troublemakers to discuss his band’s latest tour which runs through September 19.

Actor, Musician Gary Farmer Talks Tour, Life on the Open Road

Alex Jacobs

Gary Farmer and the Troublemakers hit the road for their Road Songs Album Tour after taking Santa Fe by storm playing several gigs around Indian Market and jamming with other Native musicians in town for the big event. It’s a killer band with legendary Derek Miller on guitar, veteran bluesman Marc Brown on guitar, Jaime Bird Yellowhorse on bass, Jme Russell on drums. The CD, Road Songs, was recorded as usual in Chupadera, New Mexico at Jono Manson’s (of Blues Traveler) Kitchen Sink Studio. This website has songs, videos, tour map, dates and venues, you can follow and catch the band on the road.

Indian Country Today recently sat down with Farmer to discuss his band’s latest tour which runs through September 19:

Farmer: We been working it all out the last six to eight months, at three months it starts to come together but there’s still holes. Then stuff starts coming through and we go in that direction, more or less. It’s a cat and mouse game, we already had two cancellations and that’s rare. It’s economics – all you can do is hope. It’s tricky now, gotten harder, but I’ll take it as a good sign. You know, less is better. These are changing times, touring is hard. You do it for the love of it, the camaraderie and the fans. Just got to sell more CDs and merchandise and hope the audience is there.

Jacobs: Keith Secola and Cary Morin will sit in with you on tour. Who else may join in?

Farmer: Well we got the Bisbee Blues Belly Dancers. Yeah, doing the Bisbee Blues Festival. It’s fun that some places will also play movies like Smoke Signals, and it’s the 20 year anniversary of Dead Man.

Jacobs: The tour runs through September 19. Are you still booking or had offers for gigs?

Farmer: We’d like to pay Hopi, at the end of the tour. I’ve got a play after that, a musical called Indian Joe, about an angry, homeless Indian … for Goodspeed Musicals in Connecticut.


Gary Farmer and the Troublemakers will basically play every night for one month, through seven states, hitting Wyoming, and towns like Pine Ridge, Omaha, Lincoln, with several dates in Oklahoma, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico, including Expo New Mexico in Albuquerque on September 15. [They could possibly add dates on the road, too – Lawrence, Kansas, can you add Sept. 5!?]

It’s an NDN all-star line-up, featuring music from the Troublemakers past three albums – Lovesick Blues (2009), Under the Water Tower (2012) and Road Songs (2015). Derek Miller (Six Nations) wunderkind axe-man (has toured with Buffy Sainte-Marie, winning Junos for his albums, Music Is the Medicine, and The Dirty Looks (2008). Marc Brown, (Koyukon Athabascan), has twelve albums to his name. Brown and his band, The Blues Crew, won the 2011 Best Blues recording at the Native American Music Awards. Jaime Bird Yellowhorse is a New Mexico native and Jme Russell was born in England.

Since there have been glitches with open or start times for different dates, you can call the venue locally or check the band website.

For updates or interviews or new dates, email Gary Farmer at [email protected].

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