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Sac State History Dept Tweets - "Student Not Disenrolled"

UPDATE: Sac State History Dept Tweets - "Student Not Disenrolled"

Vincent Schilling

Within a few hours of posting that a Cal State Sacramento University Professor allegedly told his United States History class he did not like the term ‘genocide’ in relation to Native Americans and that a Native American student who disagreed with him was disenrolled and expelled from his course – the Sacramento State has issued a tweet stating the student was not disenrolled.

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In the tweet, the Sacramento History Department (@SacStateHist) states: “We regret this situation & are investigating; student is not disenrolled.”

As of 2:30 pm EST Sunday, the post has already received approximately 18,000 shares and likes and counting on Facebook and several news organizations have reached out to the family and ICTMN.

Stay tuned to ICTMN for continued updates on this story.


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That professor is still professing his ignorance of history in the U.S.