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Award-winning Hip Hop artist Supaman's music video "Why" also features world champion Jingle dancer Acosia Red Elk

VIDEO: Check out Supaman's "Why" featuring Jingle Dance Champion Acosia Red Elk

Vincent Schilling

In 2014, the award-winning Hip Hop artist Supaman performed his Prayer Loop Song in the news studio of the Billings Gazette, which was recorded and released on YouTube. The video, which has since received over 918,700 views online is a testament to Supaman's talent as a hip-hop artist well as popularity in Indian Country.

To add to this credibility, he is also a recipient of an Aboriginal Peoples Music Choice Award, a Native American Music Award, a North American Indigenous Music Award and is a 7-time Tuney Award winner.

In his video Why, which is a musical track that will be featured on his upcoming album, Supaman is accompanied by world champion Jingle dancer Acosia Red Elk. Why was directed by Tom Clement.

Stay tuned for additonal coverage on Supaman and his upcoming projects to follow soon in ICTMN.


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