The Indian Health Service Scholarships are for American Indian and Alaska Native health professions students.

6 More Places to Find College Scholarships for Native Students

Vincent Schilling

The world of student loans can be a foreboding process, but with students hearing horror stories about students fresh out of college who are burdened with loan debt, the best thing to do is apply for as many scholarships as possible.

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Here are several places to find scholarships for Native students:

According to the Indian Health Service Scholarships website, “The IHS Scholarship Program provides qualified American Indian and Alaska Native health professions students an opportunity to establish an educational foundation for each stage of your pre-professional careers.”

Having served nearly 7,000 students who work for the IHS, private health facilities or their own communities, the scholarship program, “provides financial support in exchange for a minimum two-year service commitment within an Indian health program in your chosen health professional discipline.”

The Bureau of Indian Education offers a long list of American Indian scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students in various amounts involving essays, direct applications and more. To apply, visit BIE.edu.

The Accredited Schools Online Blog is written by Maggie O’Neill, a Northern Nevada researcher, who specializes in scholarship resources and grants for minorities and veterans. With a long list of resources including charitable organizations, corporate institutions and direct links to the application process, this website is a resource with a considerable amount of generous guidance.

Since it was founded in 1969, the American Indian Graduate Center, headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico has awarded more than 16,000 scholarships totaling over $44 million to graduate students in all fields of study.

As an organization that says its mission is to: “Build, promote, and honor self-sustaining American Indian and Alaska Native communities through education and leadership,” They have scholarships that are tribal, need-based, athletic, high-achieving and much more. Find all of the scholarships available online at AIGCS.org.

As the website says, the Horatio Alger Association Scholarship is “one of the nation’s largest need-based college scholarship programs in the country, which specifically assists high school students who have faced and overcome great obstacles in their young lives.”

With over 70 programs that it administers to students and minorities, this scholarship site is another great option.

The Fastweb database is one of the largest aggregators of student scholarships for Native students at any level to find money fast. With a quick bit of work on your part to enter your grade level, date of entry into a college or colleges and more, you can find hundreds of scholarship dollars for any level of student.

Twitter user Stephanie Crowhawk says the great thing about Fastweb is that it “allows native students to filter their search results to make their search that much better.” The database can be found at Fastweb.com.

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