Taté Walker
Monycka Snowbird shows the amount she is able to grow, even in an urban environment, with her daughters Shashana, 13, and Bella, 11.

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Monycka Snowbird raises chickens, rabbits, and goats, and produces enough organic crops to keep her family of three plus friends and neighbors well fed. The farm-like environment of Snowbird’s property sits in the center of Colorado Springs, a city of more than 440,000 residents.

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Snowbird and her two daughters butcher their own meat, collect eggs and milk, and make cheeses and soaps in addition to growing and harvesting a variety of vegetation, which flourishes on about a tenth of an acre.

Urban farming—also known as urban homesteading or backyard or micro farming—isn’t rare, but what makes Snowbird’s endeavors unique is the mix of indigenous knowledge, techniques, and values the Ojibwe mother of two infuses into the food and household products she makes and teaches others to practice.

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