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Friday Funny: Lacrosse Memes, Jokes and a Riddle

Vincent Schilling

In honor of the World Indoor Lacrosse Championships taking place over the next two weekends, what better way to kick it off than with a bit of good ole' fashioned sarcasm and humor.

Here are a few memes and jokes to get you into the mood for the #WILC2015!  P.S. will you be there? Remember to post your tweets and pics with the hashtag #HeyICTMN and #WILC2015 and we post them on our ICTMN site.

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But first, a Lacrosse Riddle:

At a recent lacrosse game, two teams met and fought a fierce game. In fact, spectators said it was probably one of the toughest lacrosse battles they had ever seen. We're talking slashing, blocks with the intensity of a big-horned ram, knocking two and three players down at once. At the end of this fierce match, the players from both teams limped back to their sides in to the welcoming arms of their fellow players. At the end of the match, the home team had WON!

Yet - here's the riddle... not a single man had scored a goal. How is this possible?  Scroll down to the end of this page for the answer. (Don't cheat, try to figure it out for a moment.)  

Now here are a few memes we found on Lacrosse. (Thanks to Buzzfeed for the memes)

How it feels switching from defense to offense:

That face you make when you get a new stick:

How to spot a goalie:

That other face you make:

And now for a Lacrosse joke merged with a tribal employee joke:

Q: How many tribal employees does it take to play a lacrosse game?

A: Well, I'm not really sure. I tried calling them a few times and when I got through the first time, the phone just rang and nobody answered. When I finally got through, the person on the line said it wasn't their department and they would transfer me. The phone just rang again and I had to call back. I got through again and the woman told me she would have to run it through tribal council before she gave me an answer and asked me if I could send her a formal request of the question via email and if I could please cc: the tribal clerk on the email. I sent the email and I haven't heard anything back yet.

Answer to the riddle:

It was a woman's lacrosse game!


Stay tuned for more #WILC2015 coverage on ICTMN.

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