Vincent Schilling
Miles Thompson autographs a young fan's Thompson Brother's t-shirt at the Onondaga Nation's

Amidst Admirers, Iroquois Nationals’ Thompson Brothers talk Team Canada after USA win

Vincent Schilling

Surrounded by fans in Onondaga on Saturday, the Thompson brothers autographed posters, lacrosse sticks, balls and their signature t-shirts complete with a cartoon graphic of a Thompson signature long braided ponytail.

In the midst smiling for hundreds of selfies and photos, the brothers took a moment to talk to ICTMN and reflect on their Friday night win against team USA and comment on their upcoming match against number one ranked Team Canada this Sunday.

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“All lot of our players have played against the canadian players,” said Iroquois Nationals' Lyle Thompson. “It was a lot different than playing the American players and we had to come at that game with a little bit different game plan.”

“With team Canada, they do a lot of the same stuff we do. We’ve all grown up and were raised playing the box game and we learned the same things, so I think the way we will play is similar, but we just need to keep building as a team. Chemistry is huge in a tournament like this.”

Miles Thompson told ICTMN the reason for Friday’s success was due to the simplicity of teamwork. “You can’t play a game like we did with any one player going solo. It is all about teamwork and working together,” he said.

He also remarked on Iroquois Nationals goalie Angus Goodleaf who consistently blocked a number of goal attempts by Team USA during Friday’s game. “He made some great saves against USA which really motivated us and pumped us up.”

The Iroquois Nationals bested team USA on Friday night with a final score of 13-9 at the Onondaga War Memorial Arena in Syracuse. The Iroquois Nationals are slotted to play team Canada at the same venue on Sunday at 5 pm est.

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