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As the Iroquois Nationals have defeated USA and Canada has defeated Israel, The winners will fight for Gold on Sunday at the Carrier Dome

Iroquois Nationals Defeat USA, Canada Defeats Israel, Winners Fight for Gold on Sunday

Vincent Schilling

In a display of teamwork and prowess, both the Iroquois Nationals and Team Canada showed their ability to outscore and out-maneuver their opponents at the Onondaga Arena on Friday night.

Team Canada showed an early ability to outplay Israel and didn’t let up on the goal scoring and left the first part of the semi-finals playing field with a 19-3 win. Going into the Gold medal match on Sunday, the Canadian team is undefeated.

In the match between Team USA and the Iroquois Nationals, the Nationals pulled off an impressive win against USA with a final score of 17-10.

Going into the semi-final game between the Iroquois Nationals and Team USA, Nationals player Brett Bucktooth, in a display of pride for his own heritage and the collective Iroquoian heritage of his team; carried an eagle staff onto indoor field the commemorate the opening of the match.

Early on, Team USA startled the Iroquois Nationals with two quick goals in the first quarter, but the Iroquois Nationals responded quickly taking the team to a first quarter lead. Shortly thereafter, Bucktooth wooed the crowd with a spectacular behind the back shot for the goal.

By the time halftime was nearly over, the Nationals rose to the charge with a few goals allowed by USA but led by an impressive score of 11-4.

By the end of the game, attended by a standing room only crowd at the Onondaga arena on the Onondaga territory, the final score was 17-10.

In terms of all goals scored throughout the game, Lyle Thompson, Miles Thompson and Randy Staats each scored three goals, Craig Point and Johnny Powless scored two goals and Brett Bucktooth, Jerome Thompson, Adam Bomberry and Roger Vyse scored one goal each.

According to Iroquois Nationals Coach Rick Kilgour at the game press conference, the team was a bit concerned about two early goals by Team USA, but their efforts on teamwork paid off.

“It was a good overall game, but as I have said, we are going to continue to get better as we go into battle on Sunday.”

Sunday’s final medal games will take place at the Syracuse University Carrier Dome. The Bronze Medal game between Team’s Israel and USA will begin at 1:00pm, the Gold and Silver medal game between Team Canada and the Iroquois Nationals will take place at 4:00pm and the closing ceremonies will be held at 7:00pm.

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