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Why did this Rez Chicken - with a rockin' ribbon shirt - cross the road? Answers below... Great ribbon shirt by Marie Parker!

Friday Funny: MORE - Why Did the Rez Chicken Cross the Road?

Vincent Schilling

Back in July of 2014, we started our readers out with some GREAT Friday Funny "Why did the Chicken Cross the Road?' jokes.

To give credit where credit is due, we want to send a special word of thanks to Andre Cramblit, a valued contributor to ICTMN, has been compiling  and writing these 'Rez Chiggen' jokes for years.

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So since Andre has gone to such great lengths to compile such a great long list - here are more Friday Funny jokes for you! Some of the answers are about a specific type of chicken, and others are responses from a specific type of Indian. So here is some more chiggen-flavored funnies for you.


'Why'd the Rez Chicken Cross the Road?'  


TRIBAL COLLEGE INDIAN: Because the financial aid officer promised the  chicken a loan to cover his books.

RESERVATION INDIAN: I think it was from the rez on the other side (points with  lips.)

INCARCERATED INDIAN: I don't know, but now that poor chicken is doing 7 years to life for jaywalking  on the rez.

TRIBAL CHAIR INDIAN: No chicken relative of mine should be seen out trying to cross a road when I could get them a good office job.

RECOVERY INDIAN: To go to his meeting. So, one day at a time.

CASINO NDN: To claim his bingo prize.

NATIVE MOM: Probably to bring more clothes to wash, and there are his friends,  now they are gonna sit around playing video games all day.

NATIVE DAD: My son ain’t no chicken, get out there and fight ‘em all (the courts,  BIA, governments, councils, etc.).

TRADITIONAL INDIAN: Those chiggens weren't traditional! What they  heck were they doing trying to cross the road, when they were supposed to be on it ­not crossing it!  That’s not the way the Grandfather chicken taught ‘em.

INDIAN GRANDMA: Oh, poor thing!  I hope he had enough to eat.

Special thanks to  and Marie Parker of for the pic of the awesome chicken ribbon shirt!

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