Jason Morgan Edwards
a member of the Tleccoatl Aztec Dance Troupe

Stunning Photos of the 2015 New Mexico State Fair taken by Jason Morgan Edwards


The 2015 New Mexico State Fair wrapped up on September 20.  The Indian Village again showcased 11 days and nights of cultural and educational presenters highlighting New Mexico's and Indian Country's diverse culture.  This year's demonstrations included traditional dances by  Pueblo, Apache, and Navajo dance troupes, as well as several Inter-Tribal groups.  The return of The Totonac Pole Flyers and the debut of the Tlecoatl Aztec Dance Troupe thrilled and amazed the crowd with feats of daring, acrobatics and exotic culture from Mexico and South America.  Fair attendees were also treated to variety of musical performances by such well-known Native artists The Plateros, Native Roots, Scatter Their Own, InnaState and Gary Farmer & The Troublemakers.  Boye Ladd, Indian Village MC, was especially glad to welcome music legend, Paul Ortega, back to the stage for a rare appearance.  Throughout the week, the Indian Village also featured demonstrations by renowned sculptor Adrian Wall, potter Laura Gachupin and rug weaver Pearl Sunrise.  The week's entertainment was complemented by a traditional pow wow, fashion display by designer Penny Singer, martial arts demonstrations, comedy acts, fitness runs and a variety of audience participation activities. 

Jason Morgan Edwards is a freelance photographer and writer based in Albuquerque, NM.  He has been practicing photography for over twenty years. He travels throughout the Southwest capturing beautiful candid portraits of people in their environment. Jason also offers full photographic services for every variety of event. You can see Jason and his work at his website here.  Jason stayed close to home, photographing the New Mexico State Fair. Take a look at some images from that event. More can be seen at: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.999184123460321.1073741891.200382406673834&type=3&uploaded=6 




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