President Obama: Cut Through the Lies, Free Leonard Peltier

Daniel Straight Arrow Lessard

I’m writing to you for one particular and spiritual reason. To give clemency to my Grandfather who is also the Grandfather of all Indian Tribes, the ones who were forced off their reservations and the ones who had to hide in plain sight to blend into society to become something they were forced to be or else. And also a Grandfather for all future new born children no matter what race. You know the storyline as well as I do. I found my way back not upon a reservation, but on my own Path and my Ancestors are very proud of me. Rita (my mother) followed me upon my long and envious Journey before she died.

I am speaking about Leonard Peltier who is in prison. Whatever they said about what he had done is untrue. I read the book “In The Spirit of Crazy Horse”. Too many misconceptions were told where the truth of what the FBI were telling about Leonard became a lie. A lie that the FBI was telling became so wishy washy that a frontloading Samsung washer machine and Tide detergent was able to cleanse this sorrowful and sinful situation, but no one was able to see the truth drying upon the cloths line.

Like my Ancestors before me, I went to Cascade Falls in Saco, Maine today. I performed one of my many ceremonies and today it was my Tatanka (White Buffalo) Talking Circle and Prayer Pipe Ceremony. I prayed to the four directions out loud for the first time. I asked each and every God that we all pray to… to be a great one who will protect their children from harm. Not a God that entraps them, molests them and subdues their education.

We’re all Brothers and Sisters! We are all related! We are Family!! Please become part this simple solution.

After my meaningful and empowering prayers, I left Cascade Falls still wearing my Native Attire, heading to a Hannaford Supermarket to get a salad for lunch. Just as I was ready to enter the store, an elderly couple was leaving. His wife was struggling to walk in a semi-circle motion bent over slightly with one arm wrapped around her stomach and her other hand holding onto her husband for balance. I approached her and said, “My name is Daniel Straight Arrow and I just came from Cascade Falls, saying my cultural prayers and I would like to embrace you to help you in your Journey ahead”. I embraced her like she was my mother and kissed her forehead and gave her a strength to go on with her life, knowing that a complete stranger can give a wonderful gift of kindness, enthusiasm and caring.

 To conclude this situation is up to you Mr. President. Of all the situations you’ve entailed throughout your presidency with other Countries, the Congress, the Senate and people of the USA that you are so concerned with, can you walk up to Leonard Peltier and embrace him and grant him Clemency so my Grandfather can enjoy his Journey upon his Red Road to Freedom.

Daniel Straight Arrow Lessard is an Air Force Veteran and recently retired with 35 years of government service. He will perform medicine ceremonies  until the Creator calls.

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