Rock CD of the Year IMA Nominee: Scatter Their Own is Crisscrossing the Country

Rock CD of the Year IMA Nominee: Scatter Their Own is Crisscrossing the Country

Jason Morgan Edwards

Since debuting their CD, Taste The Time,  Scatter Their Own has crisscrossed the country performing at such venues as the Gathering of Nations, Haskell Indian Nations University and the New Mexico State Fair.

The Lakota family trio of Scotti Clifford (lead/vocals), Juliana Brown Eyes-Clifford (bass/vocals), and Scotti Clifford Jr. (drums) aren't coasting.  Rather, they are heeding the guidance of their trusted advisor and mentor, Keith Secola.

As per the suggestion of Secola, the group will be recording a new album in November.

“He liked the [current] album and he thought we should let it breathe for about a year,” said Clifford.  “We want to gain momentum, tour to support this album and introduce ourselves to a lot of people who haven't heard of us."

Taste the Time has thus far been well-received, and was nominated  for "Rock CD of the Year" at the Indigenous Music Awards

"That's good news for us and feels really good,” said Clifford. “And every time we do a show, we sell out of CDs.  It's been going really well."

Clifford also talked about his favorite tracks.  "For me personally, I really like All I Have.  It's the second track off the CD.  It just came together really nice, as far as production.  I had just spent the weekend with (my wife) Juliana.  I had all of these beautiful memories and  I thought , 'I wanna make more.  How could I live with not making more of those memories?'  That's how that song came about.”

My favorite song that we perform live would have to be Just Breathe and  song-writing wise,  my favorite song would be Catch A Fire.  All three of those tracks just kind of materialized in my head.  I really didn't have too much to them to imagine different parts.  The songs just wrote themselves.  There was never a moment when I felt a block.  And, they're all really fun to perform, live."

Scotti speaks of his wife Juliana as his musical inspiration, "she just has those beautiful, piercing eyes.  She just gives me a look, and I'm on it.  In fact, she's looking across the room at me, now.  But, I hear a lot of melodies.  And, I hear a lot of chord structures.  I could write a song a day.  It's the lyrics that I have a hard time with.  I'm not a very productive lyricist.  That's where Juliana comes in because she's a beautiful writer.  She writes great short stories and great poetry.  I don’t mean to brag my wife up, but she's amazing.  We make a great team."

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