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In Case You Missed It ... 'Slapping Medicine Man' by the 1491's

Friday Funny: In Case You Missed It ... 'Slapping Medicine Man' by the 1491's

Vincent Schilling

In case you missed this one or even if it you have seen it before, this video by the hilarious comedy troupe 'The 1491's' is a definite 'must-see video."

Maybe we all need the 'Slapping Medicine Man" to shake things up a bit.

For this week's "Friday Funny," check out Slapping Medicine Man, a definite classic by the 1491's.  You can also check out more of their hilarious videos on the 1491's YouTube channel.  

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Antelope's picture
Submitted by Antelope on
I LOVE you guys. My husband and I just couldn't stop watching 1491's videos! I'm Not Native American/NDN, and I'm true to myself and have never pretended to be. Since the 70's, when I was first introduced to your art (jewelry) and more and more throughout the years I have collected all kinds of your artwork and admire all of it. Your culture is mesmerizing. I hope to get better acquainted with it what time I have left.

tmsyr11's picture
Submitted by tmsyr11 on
Its all sh!ts and giggles when an indian does it, but when a white guy performs it…. Then, its racist, its stereo-typing, its sacrilegious, its a scandal worthy of…PROTEST…..eennnittt?