Cherokee Nation
A public service announcement from the Cherokee Nation stresses the importance of early detection for breast cancer prevention.

Video: Cherokee Nation Highlights Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Stresses Early Detection


A public service announcement from the Cherokee Nation has been released for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The video stresses that breast cancer can be survived, and that early detection is important.

Cherokee Elder Elaine Grigsby is a breast cancer survivor. “I was very disciplined about getting them done [mammograms] yearly,” Grigsby says in the video. She explains how masses were found on her left breast twice—both were biopsied and came back benign. In 2008, a third mass was discovered on her right breast, “but because I had early detection and it wasn’t large, I was very blessed that it was taken care of. I never doubted that things weren’t going to be all right.”

The video also points out some tips for noticing changes that should be of concern, and lifestyle changes for healthier living.

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