AIGC and Wells Fargo Partner to Support Native Higher Education


The American Indian Graduate Center, a nonprofit dedicated to improving cultural and economic well-being for individuals and tribes by supporting post-secondary education, recently announced that it received a grant from Wells Fargo to administer an outreach program to encourage Native students to seek scholarships and other educational services through AIGC.

“Wells Fargo is committed to providing educational opportunities and resources to help develop the next generation of diverse leaders,” said Gigi Dixon, senior vice president and director of strategic partnerships for Wells Fargo, in a press release. “Through our national relationship with AIGC, Wells Fargo is able to help Native American students achieve their academic dreams and experience success in their community, and beyond.”

New AIGC programs funded by the Wells Fargo grant include scholarships for American Indian and Alaska Native students pursuing bachelor’s degrees. Community-based outreach events will be hosted in four different regions for college-bound students and their families in December 2015 and May 2016 as part of an outreach effort as well.

“We are deeply grateful for their new investment in our mission, which, in addition to scholarships, will enable AIGC to provide extensive resources to American Indians and Alaska Natives who are pursuing higher education,” said Joan Currier, AIGC acting director, in the release.

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