All Photos courtesy and Red Hawk Council
A joining of the people as they gathered for a traditional round dance on Indigenous People's Day

Gorgeous Photos of Indigenous People's Day in New York

Vincent Schilling

Having featured over 500 Native American artists, educators, singers, dancers and performing groups from across the Americas, the Redhawk Native American Arts Council hosted an Indigenous People’s Day on Monday, October 12th and a Native American Festival and Pow wow October 10th and 11th at Randall's Island Park in New York City.

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The event was a great success and featured presentations and performances from such renowned artists  as include world-renowned flutist Robert Mirabal, ICTMN’s own author (and musician) Gyasi Ross, as well as activists Pua Case and Hawane Rios.

According to organizer Cliff Matias, "there were also groups representing cultures from the islands of Hawaii, Tahiti, Samoa and New Zealand, an Aztec group from Mexico City and Inca groups from Peru and Ecuador, and a Taino group celebrating the Native culture of the people from Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic."

In celebration of this success, here are a few of the gorgeous photos of Indigenous People's Day in New York's Randall's Island. 

All photos courtesy and the Red Hawk Council.

There was a sunrise ceremony and a day filled with prayer, music, spoken word and reflection.

Members of Ecuador Sumag Llacta  enjoying the celebration

Blackfoot artist, author Gyasi Ross sharing and inspiring the audience.

New Yorkers up at sunrise for a ceremony to honor Indigenous people

Schwa natives from the Amazon perform a war dance

Ramapough Chief Dwaine Perry, Unkechaug Chief Harry Wallace, UFTP President Roberto Barriro, Director AICA Kevin Tarrant and Redhawk Council's Cliff MatiasWorld-renowned Native Artist Robert Maribal teamed with Native Hawaiian artist Hawane Rios

Members of the Kaisbahagua Taino Cultural Society

Natives gathered for a support photo to showing solidarity with the Native Hawaiians on Mauna Kea in Hawaii

Hawaiian Kumu, activist and artist Pua Case and Hawane Rois shared music, and prayers from the Islands.

For more information on next year's event visit: or


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