The starry skies at dawn will be graced with a luminous trio of Venus, Mars and Jupiter through the end of October.

Planetary Trio: Mars, Venus and Jupiter Cozy Up in Pre-Dawn Sky


It’s a pre-Halloween treat that won’t be beat until 2021, and it will indeed last almost through the end of the month.

Scan the skies before dawn starting on or about October 24 to see Venus, Jupiter and Mars hovering together in the east, the closest they have been since 2013, tells us.

Venus and Jupiter will be their usual unmistakable selves, glimmering as the two brightest lights in the sky. Nearby will be the fainter Mars, with its ruddy hue.

If you’re lucky you might even see Mercury in the mix as well, at least on Friday night October 23, according to Sky and Telescope.

“Have you checked out Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, and Venus in early dawn? The last three of these are in a rapidly evolving dance!” says Sky and Telescope.

With or without Mars, Venus and Jupiter will put on a singular pre-dawn show when they rise almost simultaneously on October 25, says

“Venus has a close conjunction with Jupiter this morning,” says of October 25. “When rising together around this date they may seem doubly eerie. Earlier in the month Venus rose first; after this morning Jupiter will be the earliest up.”

The Orionid meteor shower is also still viewable, though it is winding down and the shooting stars may be few and far between.

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