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VIDEO: Gary ‘Litefoot’ Davis Releases Newest Hip-Hop Video in Honor of His “Pop”

VIDEO: Gary ‘Litefoot’ Davis Releases Newest Hip-Hop Video in Honor of His “Pop”

Vincent Schilling

Dedicated to his ‘Pop,’ Roy L. Davis (December 9, 1916 - February 26, 1986). NCAIED President, Hollywood actor and celebrated hip-hop artist Gary ‘Litefoot’ Davis has just released his newest [Official Music Video] entitled Pop.

The video was filmed on the Davis family Cherokee Land Allotment in Claremore, Oklahoma. In the video, Davis admits the video is one of the most intimate pieces he has done.

Shortly after posting to his Litefoot Facebook page this week, he received a plethora of positive comments and responded to the outpouring of support.

Thank you for all the comments! I wrote this song, Pop, for my grandfather and its easily one of the most intimate songs I have written. Proud to say the video features my father, all three of my sons and is a tribute to a man who taught me so much. Includes a special tribute to him at the end of the video. Shout to the producer of this song #CharlesSlimRubalcava and my co-director of the video #PascalQuak = #RISE

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I really like this. Being of the older generation (64 yrs old), I will admit it is sort of difficult for me to keep up with what is being said. I have to really "tune in" to it, but once I do I really enjoyed it. I have a grandson who is the only grandchild who was born after my dad passed on. He and this young boy would have been a great match and I really hate that my grandson, Wyatt, didn't know his great "Granddaddy". However, my son has told him so much about Granddaddy and Wyatt loves and absorbs the stories and it's almost as if he does know him. My parents helped me raise my two boys during my horrible marriage and after we divorced, so my sons were very close to their Granddaddy. We need to honor our parents, grandparents who have passed on. We all miss him so much.