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Goldie Tom behind the scenes during New York Fashion week and her version of the Crow.

10 Awesome Halloween Ideas From New York Fashion Week Makeup Artist Goldie Tom

Vincent Schilling

Goldie Tom is a licensed cosmetologist and Navajo makeup artist who made a big splash at several fashion shows this past spring and fall during the celebrated New York fashion weeks.

An honors graduate from the University of New Mexico specializing in cosmetology, her work has been featured on numerous New York City runways, and she’s worked with a plethora of elite models, designers and photographers.

As a busy makeup artist what does she do on her spare time? She practices make-up designs of course!

According to Goldie Tom, “All of these Halloween looks just come to me, I don't spend hours thinking, ‘What should I do next?’ I simply sit in front of my vanity mirror and let the creativity flow from my passion to my heart to my hands, to my fingers, to my makeup brush and onto my face.”

Here are 10 awesome Halloween makeover ideas from Tom’s Instagram account:

“Billy Puppet is my little brother Isaiah, aka Zaya... I asked him what he wanted me to paint and this is what he asked for. Billy Puppet from Goosebumps. Before this painting I had no idea who Billy Puppet was and thanks to my Zaya, I now know.”

“She-hulk is something I just thought of. Spur of the moment. And I wanted it to look like a comic book version. I love comic books.”

“Beetlejuice is a classic Halloween costume. I wanted it to be fun and a little disgusting.”

“Pennywise the clown is from the movie "It," another Halloween classic. In this look I wanted to showcase my prosthetic talent and my ability to create something scary. And what better way to showcase... there are tons of people who are afraid of clowns.”

“The Crow. This look was requested by a Facebook friend. I want to be able to interact with my  "audience." I also want to let them know that I am listening and that I do read comments.

“Uncle Scar from the movie Lion King. I feel that Scar is one of those Disney villains that doesn't get much attention and I wanted to show him some love.”

“Sally from the movie The Nightmare before Christmas. Sally and Jack are both a favorite in the Halloween world. They are also one of my favorites, In this look I wanted to showcase other talent. Creating two versions: a look with my eyes open and closed.”

“My friend Alex saw my work online and he asked me to paint his face for a concert he was going to. This is the look he chose. Pretty awesome!”

“Mermaid- It seems society has given mermaids a sexy look, But I wanted create my version of a mermaid. Pretty but a little scary and maybe disgusting... I used Beautiful vibrant colors and creating the look of seaweed stuck to my face and neck.”

“Billy Butcherson is a character from the movie hocus pocus. He is not a one of the main characters but I think he is AWESOME! He is a zombie but not a scary zombie or a disgusting zombie. I think he is a fun playful zombie.”

For more information about Goldie Tom reach out to her on instagram or visit her website.

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