Here are 8 Offensive Native Accessories and Costumes at Wal-Mart Right Now

8 Offensive Native Accessories and Costumes at Wal-Mart Right Now

Lisa J. Ellwood

Unsurprisingly and unfortunately, Walmart’s Halloween costumes hit the headlines again this week.

After the mega-chain received heavy backlash against the sale of an Israeli soldier kids costume and the "Sheik Fagin nose," the store pulled both from their shelves. Samer Khalaf, President of the The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, welcomed Walmart's decision in statement noting: “Selling merchandise which mocks Arabs, or any other race or ethnicity, must not be tolerated. These images do nothing but perpetuate racist tropes…”

Unfortunately,a perusal of the Walmart website reveals that despite past indications that their equally offensive Native American costume stocklist has diminished somewhat, there is still a variety of racist, often hypersexual, costumes for adults and children to choose from.

Here are eight costumes listed on the Walmart site, since a photo is worth a 1,000 words, we have a meme that corresponds in a way that some folks might feel toward Walmart’s selection of costumes.

Native Goddess Costume Forplay Black

Walmart site: “Discover your inner self with this costume: features bead detail on top and skirt, tomahawk, headband, and armband.”

Forplay site: “Dare to venture into undiscovered territory in our Native Goddess Sexy Indian Costume.”

Native Beauty Costume – California Costume Collections

Walmart site description: “If you've been told you look like Pocahontas, this Native Beauty costume is perfect for you! Costume features fringed hi-low dress, fringe belt, and matching headband. Necklace and shoes not included.”

Adult Native American Fringe Sandals

Walmart site description: “You'll look like you're in touch with nature when you pair these Indian fringe sandals for adults with your Native American or sexy hippie look.”

Deluxe Native American Headdress for Women

Walmart site description: “Lead your warriors into battle after you've put on your Deluxe Native American Headdress for Women! This gorgeous headpiece is run through with black and white feathers, has red and brown fasteners, and is accented with a teepee trim.”

Native American Maiden Costume For Women

Walmart site description:”You'll be the prettiest girl on the plains when you wear a Native American Maiden Costume for Women! Perfect for official and school events… “  (See the full GIF here)

Native American Adult Halloween Costume

Walmart site description: “Whoop and holler in this rustic Native American adult costume this Halloween…”

Deluxe Native American Headdress for Adult and Hippie Moccasins Adult Halloween Accessory

Walmart site descriptions:

Headdress: “You'll be the big chief in the teepee when you're wearing this deluxe Native American headdress for Adults…”

Moccasins:  “Far out, man. Give peace a chance in these comfy moccasins. Perfect for finishing off any hippie or American Indian costume!”


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