Dear Michel Trudeau in the Heavens

Carly McIntosh

Being the youngest child in the family, we all know that the youngest is the one to get the fantastic family news last. As I write this letter to you, Michel Trudeau, I am to inform you that your brother Justin, has become the new Prime Minister of Canada. With a large amount of Canadian's who have voted, our Canadian Government has become a Majority Government being led by the Liberals. Canadian's were voting for a change in Canada, and making change is what Justin has said he will do for our country.

Being the youngest man of The Trudeau Family, in your heart you always had adventure lying within you. As you loved to travel through our great country, every step you took on nature's soil you left your marking. Every evening when the sun sets, the power left from the sunlight lights up your bottom print showing your love for nature. Michel, you are one who has been shown the full structure of our Canadian environment, and we all come to an agreement that something has to be done before it is to late. Canada has to rebuild the health in our trees, wildlife, and even in ourself.

On October the 19th, Canadians all across Canada were lined up at voting stations. Being a voter, I have to say this was my first time voting and I had voted for the Liberal Party as did the rest of Canada. With the number of votes being made, I am sure you would have taken the time to put a checkmark by your brother Justin's name. Hearing that the Liberal Party had won 184 seats surely made you very proud of Justin. The strength of love and power between the Trudeau brothers always stands within.

Change is what I feel Justin Trudeau will bring to the future of Canada. Canada has been known to be a multicultural country for decades, but with Trudeau being our new Prime Minister I feel that for the first time in Canadian history we will all be holding hands. Our country is being reborn, and at that one moment we will be holding hands with a first nation and together we will retake our first step on Turtle Island together.

Michel, as we all know each one of us has been given a path to follow in life and we all know that we have to fight for what we want. You were placed here to discover how wonderful our country is. With the travels you made in life Mother Earth placed messages in front of you every day, seeing the hawks glide through the sky, and even being able to see the snowflakes slowly falling from the sky. Michel, you lived life through adventure, and that is what you do till this day.

As for Canada's new Prime Minister, he fought very hard to where he is at this point in time. Justin Trudeau never stopped fighting till he earned the trust of Canada, and now he has to prove to us Canadian's that we made the right choice.

Seeing the celebration on stage, you could see and feel the love from all The Trudeau Family. Meaning not being able to see all of your family, does not mean that they are not there to celebrate with you at that exact moment.

One message I know Michel Trudeau would say to his brother is "Sunny ways my friends, sunny ways."

Born and raised in Manitoba, Canada and now residing in Calgary, Alberta. McIntosh recently found her ancestry. Her goal is to pursue a future with writing and hopes to open some closed eyes and minds.


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