Vincent Schilling
So my friend Robert Narcomey was being chased by a coffin...

Halloween Friday Funny: The Native and the Coffin That Wouldn’t Stop

Vincent Schilling

Ok, we have heard this joke before, but considering it is Halloween and we want to have a joke on that theme,  here we go.

This week's Halloween Friday Funny: The Native and the Coffin That Wouldn’t Stop.

Source: All over the internet, mildly adjusted by yours truly.

My buddy Robert Narcomey was coming home from a pow wow last week, pondering to himself what he might like to dress up as for Halloween. He had a great day and turned down a ride from his friends and decided to walk home.

Unfortunately, it was getting dark and in order for Robert to get home the quickest way possible, he made the uncomfortable decision to cut through the local cemetery - being cautious of course to only walk on the paved walkway.

As he was about halfway through, he heard an unearthly sound as if dirt, earth and grass were being disrupted. Robert then began to hear a large thumping sound getting closer and closer behind him. “THUMP!...THUMP!...THUMP!…”

Robert grew very nervous and began to run - not knowing what was behind him.


He looked back, and to his horror saw a large black coffin hopping toward him as if the spirit was NOT happy Robert had decided to take a shortcut. “THUMP!...THUMP!...THUMP!…”

Turning on the steam, Robert ran for his life! “THUMP!...THUMP!...THUMP!…”

He exited the cemetery and ran for his house which was only a few blocks away… “THUMP!...THUMP!...THUMP!…”

He managed to get to his front porch and “THUMP!...THUMP!...THUMP!…” dropped his keys!!

He ran into his house - the coffin smashed through the door “THUMP!...THUMP!...THUMP!…”

Robert ran to his bathroom and the coffin chased him down the hallway! “THUMP!...THUMP!...THUMP!…”

Robert got into the bathroom and ripped open his medicine cabinet:“THUMP!...THUMP!...THUMP!…”

He threw a full package of cough drops at the coffin!!!

“THUMP...TH ….  Thankfully, the coffin stopped.


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