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VIDEO: Air New Zealand Crew Perform Maori Haka Dance for Rugby World Cup Champs the All Blacks

VIDEO: Air New Zealand Crew Perform Maori Haka Dance for Rugby World Cup Champs

Vincent Schilling

Thousands of cheering fans turned out to the Auckland, New Zealand airport yesterday to cheer on their Rugby World Cup-winning team the All Blacks.

Amidst the cheers and signs, the Air New Zealand ground crew performed a traditional Maori Haka dance to welcome the team back home.

According to the Guardian, the final was claimed to be one of the best victories ever, as the New Zealand All Blacks was victorious against Australia with a final score of 34-17.  

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The haka is a type of ancient Māori war dance traditionally used on the battlefield, as well as when groups came together in peace. Haka are a fierce display of a tribe's pride, strength and unity. Actions include violent foot-stamping, tongue protrusions and rhythmic body slapping to accompany a loud chant. The words of a haka often poetically describe ancestors and events in the tribe's history.

Today, haka are still used during Māori ceremonies and celebrations to honour guests and show the importance of the occasion. They are also used to challenge opponents on the sports field. You may have seen a haka performed by New Zealand’s All Blacks before a rugby match? You’ll probably agree that it’s a terrifying sight to behold!

Here is the video that received well over a million views on Facebook in less than 24 hours: 

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