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Police have questioned two "Persons of Interest" Marchello Anthony Cimmarusti, 40, and Christopher John Davis, 27. They are also looking to connect a vehicle to the case.

Foul Play Suspected; Persons of Interest Named in Disappearance of Dennis Banks’s Granddaughter

Vincent Schilling

Bemidji and Minnesota State Police suspect “foul play” was involved in the disappearance of Dennis Banks’s granddaughter Rose Downwind, and they have named two “persons of interest,” Marchello Anthony Cimmarusti, 40, and Christopher John Davis, 27.

According to Downwind’s cousin, Dwa Weston, Cimmarusti is Downwind’s ex-boyfriend. Davis is Cimmarusti’s cousin.

According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, court records indicate that Cimmarusti is the father of at least three of Downwind’s five children. (Though the Bemidji Police listed his name as Marchello Cimmarusti, the name on his Facebook page is Marcello Cimmarusti.)

Downwind was last spotted in southeast Bemidji on the morning of Oct. 21, but her family has not heard from her since the 19th. Her disappearance received national attention after Dog the Bounty Hunter offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to her safe return last week.

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Bemidji Police Chief Mike Mastin told news sources that Bemidji Police have talked to the two men about her disappearance.

Mastin also stated that investigators believe they’ve identified a vehicle that may be connected to the case, and are asking for the public’s help to determine if the two men or that truck were in the vicinity when Downwind disappeared.

The vehicle is a pewter-colored 2002 GMC Yukon; Minnesota license plate 325 MGP.

Weston told ICTMN that she wanted the following information released to the public:

On Behalf of Dennis Banks & family, I was asked to release this statement.

As quoted by Mr. Banks: “I am very grateful to the Bemidji Law Enforcement agency, the FBI, the state Bureau and the Red Lake Tribal Police for all the tireless work they are doing in an attempt to find my granddaughter Rose Downwind, who has been missing since October 21st 2015. I trust they will be bringing this to a conclusion soon. Thank you for all the tremendous amounts of prayers and well wishes being sent worldwide.”

I would also like to add that folks get their updates from the news or the Facebook group “Help Find Rose Downwind.” Please respect the family's privacy at this time by not contacting them. This is a highly stressful and emotional time as we are still looking for Rose. Once again we thank you for your love and support.

More information is available on the family Facebook page Help Find Rose Downwind.

Bemidji authorities have asked that anyone with information call the police at 218-333-9111.

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