Fox NFL Sunday
Fox NFL Sunday aired a parody of Adele’s smash hit “Hello” that, at one point, targeted the Washington football team, calling its name "racist."

Fox Airs Parody Slamming 'Racist' Washington Football Team Name

Tara Houska

Fox NFL Sunday aired a parody of Adele’s smash hit “Hello” that covers the woes of the NFC East. At one point, actor Ken Joeng is clad in Washington team attire, singing:

“Late game interceptions fill D.C. with shame. But at least they distract folks from our racist name. It’s soooo racist.”

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for the Washington football team. Last Thursday, Adidas announced it would financially back any public school looking to transition away from Native American mascots and logos.

Speaking to Native youth at the White House Tribal Nations Conference, President Obama commended Adidas and reiterated his stance that the Washington football team should think about changing its name.

The President’s support comes on the tail of California becoming the first state in the country to legislatively ban the Redsk*ns slur from use as a public school mascot or name.  

Dan Snyder continues to duke it out with Native Americans in the courts, most recently arguing that though the Redsk*ns moniker is derogatory, so are pornographic trademarks, therefore the stripping of his trademark protections is discriminatory.

In 2013, Snyder famously replied “NEVER. You can use all-caps,” when asked about changing the team’s name. 

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RobynL's picture
Submitted by RobynL on
Rough couple of weeks for Snyder & team? Sorry, so incredibly, indescribably not sorry! There could be nothing about his last couple of weeks that could come close to the 'roughness' he and his ilk continue to perpetuate upon the heads of my family and all relations for the last 200 years. Glad to see some extra pressure finally blooming to point that sorry excuse for a human toward decency.