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Nataannii Nez Means of MTV’s Rebel Music has just released his latest World Premiere Video entitled Warrior.

Nataanii Means Releases Latest World Premiere Video: ‘Warrior’

Vincent Schilling

Nataannii Nez Means of MTV’s Rebel Music has just released his latest ICTMN world premiere video entitled Warrior.

Means, who directed and edited the video with the help of Terrance Clifford and Angel Mills working as the co-Directors of Photography, says his original passion is film-making.

Warrior is a song I’ve previously released, and is one of my most listened to on Soundcloud, I wanted to give my fans and people that believed in my music a strong video they can relate to,” he says.

“In today’s society we’re quick to use the word ‘warrior’,” says Means. “But in a lot of Indigenous People’s languages across Turtle Island, that word is translated into many different definitions. In this video I traveled the country to different events and locations to depict our modern-day warriors, in everything they do. All of us are fighting to survive in one way or another. Which brings it back to why in our languages, the definition of warrior isn’t limited to just one meaning.”

Means also takes time in his video to honor Allen Locke, a Native American man who was killed by police in South Dakota.

“Last December we were in Rapid City, South Dakota with Chase Iron Eyes and Cody Hall, who are a part of the Native Lives Matter movement. There was an anti-police brutality rally outside the Civic Center. A man who attended the rally was killed the next day by police in North Rapid City. His name is Allen Locke. Footage from the rally is in this video and I’d like to dedicate this video to him, his family, and everyone across Turtle Island.” 


Nataanii Means on Soundcloud.


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Here is the video “Warrior”







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