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More than 100 protesters poured into the Duluth, MN, offices of Enbridge Inc. to demand environmental review and tribal consultation on pipeline projects. Seven were arrested.

Video: Pipeline Protesters ‘Invade’ Enbridge’s Duluth Offices, Seven Arrested


Drums, singing and a letter “invaded” the Duluth, Minnesota offices of Enbridge Inc. earlier this month, as more than 100 protesters demanded that the energy company conduct an environmental review and consult with tribes over its pipeline propositions.

Fond du Lac Band of Chippewa members as well as representatives from Honor the Earth and the Minnesota Public Interest Research Group, among others, were on hand to deliver a letter asking Enbridge to reconsider its plans.

“Water is life, our mother, and without it we all cease to exist,” said Fond du Lac Band member Korey Northrup to Northland News Center. “This has been our home for a long time, and it will remain our home, and we don’t want to clean up your mess.”

As logical as that argument sounded, and others like it, police were called. As officers arrived, the core group members stated their case to an indie media group named Unicorn Riot.

“We’re being peaceful,” said one protester, sitting in a circle surrounded by cops. “They’ve poisoned water, they’ve poisoned air. They could invest in other things—green energy, we know it exists.”

“We’re not going to leave willingly until someone comes and accepts that letter and talks to us about it,” said another.

After police asked the protesters to leave, seven refused and were arrested. They did succeed in delivering the letter, sort of—by slipping it under the door of the secured part of the company’s suite. Seven people were arrested and jailed briefly on trespassing charges, reported Northland News Center.

Enbridge has come under fire for not only its pipeline plans across the Midwestern United States, but also for what many consider breached trust after poor cleanup from previous spills.

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Below is the full protest, all one hour of it, including participant interviews.

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