The 5th Annual Week Long ‘Rock Your Mocs’ Celebration Was a True Success All Over Indian Country

5th Annual Week Long ‘Rock Your Mocs’ Celebration Was a True Success

Vincent Schilling

Indigenous people worldwide pulled out their ‘mocs’ and wore them to work, play and more for the fifth annual “Rock Your Mocs” movement. Started in 2010 by Jessica “Jaylyn” Atsye, a member of the Laguna Pueblo in New Mexico, the “Rock Your Mocs” movement has become internationally recognized as a way for native people to celebrate and honor their indigenous cultures.

“I am amazed to how ‘Rock Your Mocs’ Day has evolved during the past five years,” said Atsye in a release.  “I wanted to find a way to proudly represent my culture and heritage during National Native American Heritage month.  I am thrilled to see how the event has quickly grown into a worldwide initiative to celebrate native and indigenous cultures, and more importantly, how it has helped to unify Native cultures and create pride in their ancestry.”

As per Atsye, “Anyone can participate in “Rock Your Mocs” Day by wearing moccasins and by posting a photo on social media using the hashtag #RYM2015 or #RockYourMocs.  (Tweet below shows support from 2014 as well.)

 If you don’t have moccasins, “Rock Your Mocs” Day can also be celebrated by wearing a turquoise awareness ribbon.”

As listed on the Facebook page, the celebration of “Rock Your Mocs” continue throughout the week of November 8th through the 15th.

The dates have increased to a week, only because this creates more opportunity days. We are trying to accommodate schools, people who work Monday – Friday, and for people organizing events. (November 15th, the original date, tends to fall on a weekend) The original day will always be November 15th.

In honor of “Rock Your Mocs” day and week, the The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, based in Albuquerque, N.M., along with event producers Emergence Productions, hosted a “Rock Your Mocs” event on Sunday.  The event featured performances by Native American dance groups, artwork from artisan and crafts vendors, live entertainment, and much more.  Additionally, Native Roots, a popular Native American reggae band, performed and officially released their new album as part of the celebration.   People who wore moccasins to the event received a complimentary “Rock Your Mocs” bracelet.  

Additionally throughout last week, museums throughout the country including the Five Civilized Tribes Museum, the Cherokee Heritage Center, Sky City Cultural Center and the Haak'u Museum hosted moccasin-making workshops, “Rock Your Moc” exhibits and fitness fun runs in moccasins.

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