This Culturally Appropriate Chicago Blackhawks Logo by First Nations Artist Mike Ivall Went Viral

Culturally Appropriate Chicago Blackhawks Logo by First Nations Artist Goes Viral

Vincent Schilling

When Winnipeg radio hosts Tom and Larry posted a “new and improved” and culturally appropriate Chicago Blackhawks logo created by Ojibway artist Mike Ivall on October 29th, the logo quickly went viral on social media, collecting over 15,000 likes, 12,000 shares and had been viewed by approximately 2 million people by that following Monday.

Ivall, who told the Huffington Post he now designs hockey jerseys and logos due to the success of the image he first created in 2007, later told the radio show hosts why he decided to make the logo.

"At the time I was just learning how to use Illustrator [software] and I know how some natives are a little against the native imagery and stuff like that, so I thought, 'Let's just try something out and be literal about it,'" Ivall said.

Though Ivall says the image is an improvement, he is more concerned about the quality of life for First Nations people.

"I'd rather us put all the effort into trying to figure how to fix our communities. People are boiling water on reserves and you want to worry about an image of a logo?"

Ivall has issued a public thank you regarding the praise for his logo, but says if the Blackhawks ever decided to use it, he would be happy and sad. He posted on Twitter, “Thank You everyone for enjoying my Blackhawks design. If it ever happens, I would be happy and sad. Alas, I no longer own the rights to it.”

Ivall sold the design to the Ottawa-based AAA Hockey team, the Maplesoft Hawks.

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rockymissouri's picture
Submitted by rockymissouri on
BEAUTIFUL...!! What a marvelous image.. What it ALWAYS should have been...!!

Bob G.'s picture
Bob G.
Submitted by Bob G. on
I've been a hockey player since I was 6 and became a Boston Bruins fanatic by the time I was 10. I always thought, and still do, that the Blackhawks uniform was the best in the league (of six at that time). I had never thought it was inappropriate until I learned that it did offend some people. This logo is even better, and if I was the Blackhawk ownership, I would do all in my power to snap this right up and put it on my players jerseys. VERY cool, Mike Ivall.

rkienlen's picture
Submitted by rkienlen on
It IS the best logo in the league and it needs to stay the way it is. I'm sick of all this PC BS. People do not have a right to not be offended, and no matter what the logo is, someone will be offended somewhere. The new design is nice, but it's not the proper Chicago Blackhawk figurehead.

Systemz77's picture
Submitted by Systemz77 on
I agree and can relate. As a man of northern European decent from the region of Scandinavia I am also greatly offended by logos of so called 'vikings' - especially the logo of the Minnesota Vikings which depicts a long braided bearded man wearing a helmet with horns. First of all, the early Norse peoples of the area now known as Scandinavia NEVER wore horned helmets. This is completely fictional and not once has an ancient helmet been unearthed that had horns on it. Second of all, the people of early Scandinavia were NOT called Vikings. The word 'viking' is an act of going on a raiding or scavenging journey, something the Norse people would only partake in on occasion, if at all. For the most part they fished and farmed and never went anywhere. I demand that all false depictions of cartoonish 'vikings' be scratched from use by all sports teams and company advertisements.

chargerfan27's picture
Submitted by chargerfan27 on
This design has been around for years, I have a shirt with the exact logo bought at the shirt shop right across from Cellular Field about 4 years ago... Do love the logo but don't see the current logo as disrespectful.... everyone is too sensitive these days... just my opinion.

davidmendez_'s picture
Submitted by davidmendez_ on
But Chief Blackhawk is a real person and unlike other sports teams, the logo that is used for the Chicago Blackhawks is considered a portrait of a great warrior who sided with the British and fought the settlers to keep Sauk territory. I think you're wrong on this one. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Hawk_(Sauk_leader)#Black_Hawk_War

deryckshewchuk's picture
Submitted by deryckshewchuk on
im not even native and I love the artwork. great job. hope they switch to this logo

Christine Brackett
Submitted by Christine Brackett on
This Chicago Blackhawks logo by Mr. Mike Ivall is awesome; he takes the original logo and makes it beautiful and it makes sense; I love it!