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A new radio spot will air today calling on the Washington NFL team to recognize how detrimental their name is to Native American youths.

LISTEN: New Radio Spot Takes Aim at Washington Football Team, R-word

Simon Moya-Smith

A new radio spot will air today calling on the Washington NFL team to do as California has done and recognize how detrimental the R-word is to Native American youths, officials said.

The Change the Mascot campaign, a coalition of Native American leaders and activists in opposition to the name of the Washington NFL team, said Thursday in a press release that the spot will air today through Sunday in both Washington, D.C. and Charlotte, North Carolina to coincide the match up between the Washington team and the Carolina Panthers.

The radio spot comes on the heels of a landmark law in California that bans the use of the R-word at its public schools.

Also, the Adidas corporation announced earlier this month it will back any school that seeks to abandon its Native American mascot and moniker.

In the ad, Dahkota Brown, 17, who worked with bill sponsor California Assemblyman Luis Alejo to garner support for the state's R-word ban, says "kids like me don't deserve to be called a racial slur."

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The name of the Washington football team, which is defined in the dictionary as racial slur, has come under greater scrutiny with new research demonstrating how Indian sports mascots and racial epithets harm the mental health and stability of youths.

Representative of the Oneida Indian Nation Ray Halbritter ends the radio spot by speaking to the consequences of racial epithets.

"It’s wrong and harms an entire generation of youth who deserve to be treated as equals," he says.

Listen to the spot below:

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