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The new mascot name for UND will be the Fighting Hawks.

Goodbye ‘Fighting Sioux’! UND is Now the Fighting Hawks

Vincent Schilling

The results of a University of North Dakota vote were released at a press conference Wednesday, and UND President Robert Kelly disclosed that the new mascot name for UND will be the Fighting Hawks.

According to the final tally, Fighting Hawks beat out Roughriders with a final percentile of 57.24 percent to the Roughriders 42.76 percent.

At the press conference, Kelley told the Billings Gazette he didn’t have a favorite but voted for the Fighting Hawks.  

Photo by Richard Larson

“Obviously it’s far from over,” Kelley said. “We’ve got a lot of work still to do, but the big part of getting through the selection of the new name is over.

"This is an appropriate choice, as Fighting Hawks symbolizes the competitive spirit of our athletes, the perseverance of the North Dakota spirit, and the continual ascendancy of the university and the state.”

Approximately 82,000 alumni, students, UND employees, season tickets holders and donors were invited to vote via email.

The selection of the newg mascot name is a result of about a year of work by several UND committees and public votes.

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Not everyone is happy about the change: UND alum Chris Vandeveld told the Cherry Hill, NJ Courier Post he didn’t want the name to change.

"I guess they'll have to start a new tradition," VandeVelde said. "Nothing's going to top the Sioux, but the Fighting Hawks will do."

According to the school’s website:

Now that UND’s new nickname has been selected, the University will begin the process of developing, selecting and implementing a visual identity to accompany the name.

The university will soon issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) inviting professional marketing firms to submit proposals for development of a graphic identity, including a logo and style guidelines, to accompany the new nickname. The selected vendor will work with UND stakeholders to develop potential graphic identities.

In the meantime, the University has adopted transitional guidelines for using the new nickname.


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