The Carolina Panthers Incited a Tremendous Response on Twitter when responding to Washington with the tweet: “Redskins, “Good luck getting a trademark on that.”

Carolina Panthers Burn Washington Redskins, First on Twitter, Then on the Field

Vincent Schilling

When the Washington Redskins tweeted “Carolina is #Redskins country #HTTR (Hail to the Redskins,)” with a video of fans singing the Washington team theme song before Sunday's game against the Carolina Panthers, the Panthers replied with a sarcastic tweet: “@Redskins, “Good luck getting a trademark on that,” with a happy face emoji.

Though the Washington Redskins responded with the tweet “@Panthers shouldn't be too hard after tomorrow” (referencing Sunday’s game)  the Redskins had to eat their words when the Carolina Panthers trounced them 44-16 in Charlotte, North Carolina

The New England Sports Network (NESN) called Washington’s attempted comeback tweet in the face of such a loss “unbelievably lame.” That feeble attempt was also mocked on social media with memes and photos.

To date, the Carolina Panthers are undefeated with 10 wins and are in first place in the NFC South, while the Redskins are 4-6 in second place in the NFC East.

In July, a federal judge cancelled the trademark on the Washington Redskins name and stated the team’s name was ‘disparaging’ to Native Americans.  

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