A billboard, which depicts a dark-haired woman lying on her back next to a pile-driver states “Screwpiles, We Drill them to Hell and Back,” that caused outrage in Indian country - will be changed.

“Drill them to Hell and Back” Billboard To Be Changed in Face of Outrage

Vincent Schilling

After a slew of complaints on social media, the owner of a Canadian oilfield services equipment company, BeDEVIL Enterprises Limited, has said his company will alter the sign.

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The owner, Dan McRae was under fire less than two weeks ago on social media and online after posting the billboard in Killiam, Alberta,Canada. The billboard depicted a dark-haired woman with a devil’s tail lying on her back next to a pile-driver.

The billboard stated “Screwpiles, We Drill them to Hell and Back.”

At that time, McRae told ICTMN he had been bombarded by the press and was being misrepresented.

“I am so sick of talking to the f*cking newspapers! They’ve been hanging me every time I turn left or right. It seems like no matter what I say, I’m getting f*cked in the ass,” he said.

Comments from First Nations and Native accounts on Twitter expressed outrage and “trigger warning” in part because the billboard is in an area that has had numerous missing and murdered indigenous women.

According to CBC Canada, McRae refused to say why or when the ad will be changed.

Killam Mayor Bud James told that his town’s council could not take action against the billboard because the ad is posted outside the town's limits.  


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Melissa Moon
Melissa Moon
Submitted by Melissa Moon on
I can't comprehend the level of racism, misogyny, rape culture and hate embodied in this billboard. I can't believe any sane person could develop something like this and not expect outrage - unless that was their goal. This is something a group of frat boys might dream up. Perhaps that's the mindset of the company. Ugh! Total filth this is!!